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As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a cop. To me, being a police officer was better than being stuck in an office somewhere working 9-5 where no one even knew your name. Following a 12-year career as a narcotics investigator designated as a U.S. Customs Officer, tactical operator and police chief, I left law enforcement to open an International security firm, Michael Saad International, with headquarters in Dubai UAE. Having sold my interest to the company in 2013, I now provide executive protection on a smaller scale for select clientele across the world. As a private security contractor, I also worked high-risk security details in Afghanistan and was charged with the personal protection of corporate leaders, program managers, military commanders, DoD and DoS officials, as well as American, Romanian, Afghan and other state dignitaries. It was during this time, where my lifelong interest in combat systems developed into a way of life. Traveling to Thailand to hone my Muay Thai skills, and to Israel to perfect my Krav Maga, I am now the Lead Instructor at Felony Combat.

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