Executive Protection

Executive Protection

Trained MMA Bodyguards for Executive and Celebrity Clients

Michael Saad, who leads Felony Combat as Lead Instructor, was previously at the helm of a global security firm until 2013. Following a 12-year career as a narcotics investigator designated as a U.S. Customs Officer, tactical operator and police chief, Michael left law enforcement to open an International security firm, Michael Saad International; with an office in Atlanta and headquarters in Dubai UAE, maintaining an international who’s-who of clients that included multinational corporations & high net worth individuals.

Narcotics Cop

Narcotics, 2005

The company specialized in close protection services for high profile motion picture and television personalities, musical artists, professional athletes and corporate executives and provided executive protection for its clients at events such as the Formula-One in Bahrain and was responsible for securing numerous traveling dignitaries throughout the Middle East and Asia.

Afghan Protection Details

Protection details in Afghanistan, 2012

As a private security contractor, Michael also worked high-risk security details in Afghanistan and was charged with the personal protection of corporate leaders, program managers, military commanders, DoD and DoS officials, as well as American, Romanian, Afghan and other state dignitaries. It was during this time, where his lifelong interest in combat systems developed into a way of life.

Traveling to Thailand to hone his Muay Thai skills, and to Israel to perfect his Krav Maga knowledge – allowed him the chance to develop, not only his contacts within the mixed martial arts, combat sports and strength & conditioning industries, but also within the global business community. In early 2013; Michael sold his tangible assets to MSI, choosing to return back to ‘independent’ status for Executive Protection and Celebrity Bodyguard services, accepting assignments on a limited case-by-case basis.

Executive Protection and Celebrity Bodyguards

VIP Protection, the way it should be.

Felony Combat, with its roster of qualified MMA athletes, can ensure the security of important executives while they travel in unfamiliar locations or high-risk environments, or while they attend events where they may attract unwanted attention. Our Operators can (individually or as part of a security detail) plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive protection plan for any short or long term detail.

MMA Bodyguards Providing Celebrity Protection

Michael can provide the protection you need whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally – stateside or abroad, in suburbia or hostile environments. He will personally handpick the team of highly trained mma bodyguards, customized to your needs – whether a single Personal Protection Operator assigned or a complex team with multiple protection operators and an advance team, or anything in between.

Celebrity Bodyguards

The public fascination with high profile celebrities and public figures means inevitable intrusions into privacy. Between the paparazzi and opportunistic fans with cell phone cameras; cases of direct threats from criminals, kidnappers and extortionists are on the rise.

Michael provides absolute discretion and can help protect celebrities from the unwanted attention of obsessive fans, paparazzi or criminals. He can provide a Personal Protection Team for both short term assignments, to protect a celebrity’s privacy while at a public venue, and long term assignments to provide the ultimate security for a celebrity’s personal and professional life.

Celebrity Security

Female Bodyguards

A client may choose to have a Female Personal Protection Operator either based on gender preferences or because a female operative can appear to be nothing more than a personal assistant or nanny. Because of this, a Female Protection Specialist can be a valuable and discreet asset as they provide a more low-profile protection.

Michael can provide trained and experienced female protection specialists anywhere in the world, based on the client’s needs. Michael’s female protection specialists undergo the same rigorous screening and training as their male counterparts, so our clients can have confidence that their specialist is fully qualified to keep them safe.

Advance Security Teams

An advance team will liaison with all points of contact regarding travel, lodging, meals, vehicles, meetings, and special events. The advance team will be on venue prior to the client’s arrivals and verify locations, greeters and any security issues not already planned for. The advance team can all also be used as additional security to be pre-posted based on venue and threat level and be on standby for any unplanned moves that may occur.

Personal Security Teams

Michael can assemble and supervise a complete protection team to suit your needs. Your personalized Protection Team can be as simple as an Agent in Charge and a driver; or a larger team that includes a driver, Agent in Charge, multiple security escorts and an advance team.

No matter the size of the team, the Agent in Charge is with the client at all times, unless otherwise requested, and the driver is always with the vehicle in the event of a last minute, unplanned move or emergency.

Personal Security Teams

Security Consultants

Rather than use a standard one-size-fits-all threat assessment, Michael will develop industry-specific and client-specific methodologies tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Security assessments – conducted by Michael Saad – identify threats and vulnerabilities which result in critical information needed to make cost-effective risk management decisions and protect your assets. Once the threats have been clearly identified, a security strategy and plan be put together to effectively counter them.

Security Drivers

Your Security Driver can act as either a dedicated driver or as driver that doubles as a bodyguard. Our Security Drivers are highly trained in proven safe and secure driving techniques and have excellent navigational skills. Michael, and the Security Drivers he employs, are experienced in driving vehicles ranging from Armored SUV to stretched limousines. His Security Drivers securely transport clients to and from their place of work and deliver them promptly to important meetings, venues, airports and appointments.

Event Security

Michael’s event security personnel are experienced and well-trained. They provide qualified security managers, crowd control officers and medical staff. Michael can also appoint ticketing and registration personnel, floor managers, badge checkers, ushers and other kinds of staffing your event might need.

Celebrity Event Security

A Full Service Security Provider

When you make the decision to retain Michael Saad for any security-related issue, you will get the full weight of a multinational corporation and all of the perks that come along with it – not offered by other firms and certainly not available to an ‘independent security contractor’. All of the below are available to security clients as part of our commitment to service excellence ‘Red Carpet Treatment’ and usually are inclusive of the security retainer fee unless on-site assistance is required, then a nominal fee will be quoted.

Public Relations

Through the Public Relations arm of our Fighter Relations Division, Felony Combat employs a staff of qualified PR Specialists that can also step in when a client needs assistance – either because their retained Publicist is unavailable in an emergency, or they are in between publicists.

Crisis Management

Our PR Specialists are trained in Crisis Management and, while not a direct service we actively pursue externally, we will certainly provide such services to our clients in their times of need.

Personal Assistants

Each of our Security Operators are backed by a team of Personal Assistants to assist them in the day-to-day concerns a detail might entail. We take that one step further, by providing Assistant support to the client as well, when needed.

Logistical Support

Logistics is an important part of any security detail. Whether its conducting an advance, or ensuring all moving parts come together as one complete package. Our Administrative Assistants are logistical geniuses and are available to assist our clients in any way needed.


From VIP tickets, to hotel accommodations – our concierge services allow our client to concentrate on their work.

Airport Expediter

At over 400 airports around the world, we offer unprecedented access through customs, immigration and security.

Limousine Service

Through our international network, we can provide full-service ground transportation in 550 cities around the globe.


Each Security Operator, personally selected by Michael Saad, is recruited with backgrounds in law enforcement, military and other beneficial industries and holds valid and current licenses in the areas in which they work. Michael has confidence in his team’s ability to handle your protection detail from start to finish, while providing superior customer service to every client.

Through Michael’s international network of qualified bodyguards and executive protection specialists, he utilizes only the best in the industry.

In addition to hiring only qualified staff, Michael pulls from the alumni of courses, training programs and certified schools of instruction that Michael has personally attended, or know that the training presented is in line with industry procedures.

Michael Saad with Elijah Shaw

Michael Saad with Elijah Shaw of ICON Services

Some of the Alumni Michael uses, comes from the following training programs: